SMTS helps you to manage your fleet by offering a wide range of rental possibilities. We have a recent and diverse fleet, we can offer several solutions! 

We have: 

  • 20', 30', 40' en 45' chassis
  • Flat trailers
  • Box trailers
  • Standard trailers (2.68m)
  • Maxi trailers (2.80m)
  • Mega trailers (2.95m - 3.00m)
  • Coil trailers
  • Refrigerated trailers (NEW!!!)

Short term rental

To be able to help our customers immediately, we have a young and diverse fleet. They can be rented starting for 1 day. All our trailers are maintained according to the strictest standards. We only offer trailers in great condition, the customer is always assured of a full operational efficiency. This flexible way of renting offers a wide range of trailers - always at the best full-service price.

Long term rental

Long term renting = à la carte. Together we look for the best rental or rental-buy solution. The duration of renting is entirely to the wishes and needs of the customer. For long contracts, we provide the trailer in the customer's wanted colours and logo's. Together, we can look for the best trailer with the right formula.

We work with several partners and suppliers, we can offer all brands.